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Business Internet Service

  • ​DSL

  • VDSL

  • ADSL2+

  • EoC

  • EoF 

  • Cable Internet

  • Wireless

  • 4G/3G LTE 


Which Internet option is best for your company? Here at Flex Networks it all starts with a qualification. Once your address is qualified for service, we find you the best speeds for the best price. 

Internet Descriptions

  • DSL (Digital Subcriber Line) - Internet service run over traditional copper telephone lines. 

  • Cable Internet - Service delivered over coaxial cable. Very affordable service that can achieve speeds up to 300Mbps download. While this service is affordable the speeds aren't always guaranteed.

  • EoC (Ethernet over Copper) - Copper telephone lines bonded together to achieve synchronous internet speeds. This service offers stability and redundancy while achieving speeds up to 40Mbps down and 40Mbps up. Usually a more expensive option but you get what you pay for.

  • EoF (Ethernet over Fiber) - By far the most robust of the internet connections. With achievable speeds of 1Gigabit per second synchronous bandwidth. With the amount of fiber that is being built throughout the US the pricing on this connection has became very competitive for the amount of bandwidth and service you obtain. Simply put you cannot go wrong with fiber internet services.


Business Phone Service

  • SIP Trunks​

  • POTS Lines

  • PRI

  • DID'S

  • SIP to POTS

  • SIP to PRI


Times are changing. Old fashioned phone lines are just not what they used to be. The prices are high and the value is low. With most services being fed by a traditional copper line there is no room for redundancy. What happens if that service goes out you're dead in the water, with no room for flexibility Flex Networks has a solution that will satisfy your business needs.


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