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Flex Networks offers a complete range of IT services to suit any business needs. Whether your a small business in need of a computer and wireless setup to large organizations in need of a complete network & server installation, we have solutions for every need.


Offloading your IT Operations can save you a tremendous amount of time and money. Flex Networks offers 24/7 monitoring of your computers, servers & network infrastructure. By monitoring your equipment we are able to detect problems before the the affect your production. This intern saves your company valuable time and money. Managed services with Flex Networks will make you feel like you have a full time IT person by your side without the expense.

Services Offered

  • Computer & Server Monitoring

  • Network Management

  • Computer & Server Backup

  • Computer & Server Anti Virus

  • Simple Ticketing system

  • Remote support

  • Software updates


Flex networks offers many solutions for business computers, servers, laptops & software. Whether you prefer them custom built or name branded we have solutions to meet all of your needs.

Hardware & Software

  • Dell Computers & Servers

  • HP Computers & Servers

  • Custom built PC's & Servers

  • Microsoft office products

  • Small Business Servers

  • Enterprise servers

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Many more!


Looking for wireless coverage within your business. Flex Networks services and installs multiple models of Cisco and Netgear wireless access points.

There are many factors when it comes to choosing the right access point. Your wireless signal can be affected by concrete walls, insulated walls, high voltage machinery, trees & ect. 

Flex Networks offers free onsite consultations, one of our specialist will come visit your facility and design a wireless setup that will allow your company to achieve the most out of a wireless setup.


Flex Networks offers network & switch setup. Not sure whether you need to setup a 10/100Mbps network or a Gigabit network, our technicians are at your fingertips to assist with your every need.

Network Services

  • Cabling Infrastructure

  • Patch panel termination

  • Network switch setup

  • VLAN setup

  • Network Monitoring

  • Router/Firewall Setup

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