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Flex Networks

Flex Networks is a Locally Owned and Operated company providing Internet Services to the City of Madras. We also provide Dial tone and internet services throughout the Northwest, while installing and servicing Business Phones systems, Surveillance Systems and IT needs.  

EleMar Oregon

"Thank you Chris for the excellent service setting up our phone system! You were very efficient and very knowledgeable with all aspects. Special thank you for showing us all the cool features of the phones which we never knew existed. I highly recommend your service and will share your business! Thank you!"

Six Shooters Salon

"Chris is seriously amazing! He is knowledgeable, quick and efficient! My internet and phone service is always fast and reliable, just like him! If I ever do have a problem, which is rare, he takes care of it immediately! So glad I found someone who I can speak directly to instead of multiple customer service agents. Nothing better than supporting our local families!"

Box Canyon Transfer Station

"Chris is absolutely amazing! He nailed our big job - getting internet at BCTS and helping us to transfer over to a new scale house program. From ordering computers, printers and sinking the two systems - - - he was absolutely incredible. I use him over and over and over again, because why not? No matter the job - how big or small - he is our guy! Why do it yourself when you have someone like Chris who can come in and efficiently tackle the project. And, lets talk about how important it is to support our local families, his is just the sweetest!!"

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